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I could not be more honored to help celebrate 50 years of @SesameStreet tonight. It’s a program that’s been a part of my life as a child, as a mother, as First Lady—and thankfully, still today. I’ll never forget the first time my daughters came to Sesame Street with me back in 2010. As Malia, Sasha, and I walked onto that street with the brownstone, the grocery store, and the famous trash can, we were totally overwhelmed, in awe, our faces filled with wonder, and our spirits soaring. But it wasn’t just us—my staff was mesmerized. Even the Secret Service agents had big goofy grins on. There is something unexplainable that happens there, some unique alchemy that bubbles up that you just can’t find anywhere else. There’s nothing in the world that so beautifully marries boundless aspiration with simple goodness, nothing that strips away the daily madness and distraction, nothing that is so pure and hopeful—and absolutely essential to our future. Congrats on 50 great years—here’s to 50 more. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating by sharing a favorite memory or lesson learned using #Sesame50.

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